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I love movement, and I love dance!


❝ Dance is much more than a recreational activity. It is a way to connect movement and energy. As the music plays, the body feels and reacts to the vibrations to create the dance, an expression of the Alma! 

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Registered Holistic Nutritionist

CSNN Vancouver, Canada

Plant-based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell center for nutrition studies through eCornell 

Habits Coach

Instituto Habitos Monterrey, Mexico

Practical Herbalist

Wild Rose College (Currently enrolled)


My Story


I'm a soul that was born in the North of Mexico and I lived a loving and happy life with my parents and my brother. My desire to experience a different culture took me to Vancouver, Canada where I had the amazing opportunity to rediscover myself. I explored more into wellness, nutrition, and reconnected with mother nature.

In a very organic way I started to make the connection between our physical and spiritual beings. Having changed my diet and seeing the impact that this had on my physical and emotional health, it made me want to learn more.

I believe that by nourishing our physical body and our Alma with a holistic approach connecting the mind, body, and spirit, our body has the ability to live a long and healthy life.

I have been working in the health and supplementation industry for over 5 years. Through many experiences in the industry I have had the opportunity to learn more about natural forms of supplementation. This led me down a path of discovery about  the power of herbs, medicinal mushrooms, the natural strength and healing power that resides within all of us.


Following my strategy and authority, I feel is time for me to start this new journey where I share my knowledge and experiences with you, to assist you in learning about nutrition and reaching your health goals with a holistic approach.


If this resonates with you, Let's work together and start your health journey!

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