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Initial Consultation • 60 minutes • $175


After filling out the consultation forms, the initial 60m consultation focuses on addressing your main health concerns and goals. We get to know each other better and together we come up with a realistic action plan to start your wellness journey. You will receive a list of general recommendations to start implementing into your diet immediately after the consultation. After one week you will receive a customized recommendations package that includes a 7-day menu plan, suggested lifestyle changes, supplements or superfoods to incorporate, and mind-body-spirit practices that will help to tie everything together. 

During the following 3 weeks you will have access to online support via email and telegram to ask questions and to have guidance in case any new concerns arise. 


Single Follow-up • 60 minutes • $100


Recommended 4 to 6 weeks after having the initial consultation. Here we will reassess the recommendations and the dietary changes. We will have the opportunity to gage how you have reacted and to see if anything needs to be adjusted in regards to your health goals. This session allows us to set a baseline for which we can track any growth, setbacks, or new concerns. You will receive a new 7-day menu plan, and if needed we will incorporate new supplements or foods. 


Three-month Service • $325


This is a curated treatment plan that includes the initial consultation and 2 follow-up visits over a 12-week period. After each follow-up visit, you will receive a new 7-day menu plan, and a list with new recommendations to make sure that you are able to reach your health goals. During these 3 months, we will be in communication to make sure that you are feeling comfortable with the changes and new habits incorporated. 


Monthly Menu Plan • $100


This is a separate service from personal consultations. Clients who have paid for consultations can receive this service for a reduced price. The Monthly Menu Plan is designed to help you save time and money! It is personalized and customized to take the stress out of thinking what’s for dinner tonight, what to eat throughout the week, and how to incorporate healthy and delicious foods over the course of the month. The menu plan consists of 5 recipes and a shopping list per week that will cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All you have to do is shop and cook! No more thinking, no more stress!

You'd get 5 recipes per week. Each recipe includes shopping and covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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